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NOTE: You will need to have an e-file account and profile set up and return a Participation Agreement to Docketing before documents can be electronically filed.

See the electronic filing manual and technical requirements for further details. By e-filing in a particular case, the participant is agreeing to be served via email notification for all subsequent filings in that case. 

Confidential documents may be filed in accordance with the confidential e-filing protocols set forth in the October 20, 2021 Entry in Case No. 20-591-AU-UNCClick here to view the confidential e-filing procedures

E-filers must only provide hard copies as directed by the attorney examiner or in accordance with Rules 4901-1-02(D) and 4906-2-02(D) of the Ohio Administrative Code, for the applications, attachments, and testimony filed by an applicant in an application:

  • to increase rates (AIR/AEM case code);
  • for a standard service offer (SSO case code);
  • for alternative regulation (ALT case code); and,
  • for Ohio Power Siting Board certificate applications.

All copies submitted to Docketing should be clearly marked and include a cover letter that such copies are "for distribution only." 

Past cases involving e-filing:

  • Case No. 05-548-AU-WVR Request of SBC Ohio to Permit Electronic Filing
  • Case No. 06-900-AU-WVR - The Expansion of the Electronic Filing Pilot Project and Waiver of Procedural Rules 4901-1-02 through 4901-1-04, Ohio Administrative Code
  • Procedural Rules for Electronic Filing in Case Nos. 07-535-AU-ORD and 11-776-AU-ORD
  • Power Siting Board's entry in Case No. 10-2404-GE-WVR
  • Case No. 20-591-AU-UNC entries waiving rules prohibiting confidential electronic filings.