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Frequently asked questions concerning the Docketing Information System (DIS)

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DIS is the abbreviation for our Docketing Information System that is used to find case information and electronically file documents. This system has all of the legal filings associated with regulatory proceedings before the PUCO and OPSB.

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Except as otherwise provided by Rule 4901-1-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code or directed by the Commission, Legal Director or an attorney examiner, a person filing a document electronically need not submit any paper copy of an e-filed document.

The official file must be an unlocked (no encryption or password protection) PDF.  

The e-filing system requires the filing of a modifiable (no password protection) PDF file as well as the electronic source file(s) used to create the PDF. The PDF file will be modified by DIS upon successful upload by the insertion of a last page bearing the time, date and filing information shown on the confirmation page. The PDF will also be password-protected against modification to facilitate validation in subsequent use when the file is not directly downloaded from DIS.

Only one official PDF file is permitted per filing and the file size should not exceed 30 MB. If a source document naturally produces a PDF file which exceeds this limit, the PDF should be divided into smaller files and filed as separate documents but labeled appropriately in the document summary (e.g., “Part 1 of 2”). Multiple source documents, including additional PDFs, can be uploaded in the same filing regardless of file size. The PDF file size limitation is not strictly a reflection of any system limitation but is intended to help accommodate those members of the general public who may be viewing the document via slower dial-up access.

Whenever possible, PDFs should be created from electronic source files, as opposed to scanned images, because those created from the actual sources are considerably smaller and provide more accurate content indexing for DIS search functions. If the filed PDF is from a scanned image, or in the event one or more source files are unavailable, the filer may create a substitute source file using a Microsoft Word (or other acceptable format) document, explaining the circumstances as to why the PDF is a scanned image and/or the source file(s) are not included.

The source file(s) used to create the PDF (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) should also be filed. Acceptable native (or source) file types are listed below:

  • DOC: Microsoft Word 97-2003 document
  • DOCX: Microsoft Word 2007-2010 document
  • GIF: image file
  • JPG: image file
  • JPEG: image file
  • MP4: video file
  • PDF: portable document format
  • PPS: Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003 slideshow
  • PPSX: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007-2010 slideshow
  • PPT: Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003 presentation
  • PPTX: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007-2010 presentation
  • PTX: hearing transcript files - read with free E-Transcript Viewer (available at www.reallegal.com)
  • RAM: Real audio file
  • RTF: rich text format document
  • TXT: plain text file
  • XLS: Microsoft Excel 97-2003 spreadsheet
  • XLSX: Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 spreadsheet

Filers who have other source file types they wish to upload should contact the Docketing Division at (614) 466-4095.

The use of a "/s/" with the filer's name will suffice as a signature in a document which has been filed by that person using their unique username and password.

Yes. The size limit is 30 MB.

A public utility may electronically file an application to increase rates pursuant to section 4909.18 of the Ohio Revised Code except that a public utility filing an application pursuant to chapter II of the standard filing requirements in rule 4901-7-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code shall submit one complete paper copy of the application to the Commission's docketing division on the same day that an e-filing of the application is made and shall contact the rate case manager of the PUCO's utilities department prior to the e-filing of the application to determine the number of paper copies of the application that will be required by the PUCO's staff.

Filers will receive an email confirmation stating the documents have been received. When the documents have been approved by the Docketing Division and published to the appropriate case, the filer will receive an email notification.

The docketing division may reject any filing that does not comply with the electronic filing manual and technical requirements, is unreadable, includes anything deemed inappropriate for inclusion on the Commission's website, or is submitted for filing in a closed or archived case. An e-mail message will be sent to inform the filer of the rejection and the reason for the rejection.

Provided that a document is not subsequently rejected by the Docketing Division, an e-filed document will be considered filed as of the date and time recorded on the confirmation page that is electronically inserted as the last page of the filing upon receipt by the PUCO. Any document received after 5:30 p.m. shall be considered filed the next business day.

Upon receiving the e-mail notice that the e-filed document has been accepted by the Docketing Division, the filer shall serve copies of the document in accordance with Rule 4901-1-05 of the Ohio Administrative Code upon parties to the case who are not electronically subscribed to the case.

The Docketing Division closes at 5:30 p.m. To allow time for same-day review and acceptance of e-filings, persons making e-filings are encouraged to make their filings by no later than 4:00 p.m.  The deadline for e-filing is 5:30 p.m. EST—filings submitted after 5:30 p.m. will be considered filed on the next business day.

The person making an e-filing shall bear all risk of transmitting a document including, but not limited to, all risk of equipment, electric, or internet failure.

If you e-file in a case, you will be automatically subscribed to that case. You will receive an e-mail alerting you to any subsequent filings. If you wish to receive notification of cases in which you have not e-filed, you may sign up for case notifications on DIS. 

No, e-filed documents are electronically time-stamped, then locked and password-protected. 

Yes. E-filing is voluntary.

No. E-filing can only be done using the e-filing system. You may also file via fax (614-466-0313) or via hard copy sent through the mail or delivered in person.

Your e-mail address is critical. All correspondence about filings will be sent via e-mail. Receipt confirmations, document rejections, notification of subsequent filings in a case, and notices of changes in your filer profile will be sent to this address. You must update your profile any time your e-mail address changes.

You can find that information here

No fee is required.

You may contact the Docketing Division at (614) 466-4095 or via email at Docketing@puco.ohio.gov.

Once your account has been activated using the steps above, log in to DIS and select the following desired activity:

  • E-File a document
  • Change password or primary email address
  • Reserve a case number
  • Add/modify profile information
  • Subscribe to daily activity report
  • Sign-up for case notifications and personal daily reports.

Once your account has been activated using the steps above, log in to DIS and select “Subscribe & E-file” and enter your login credentials. Then, select the following activity:

  • “Reserve a case number” (Under the main heading “File”)
  • Enter the case title in the “Case Title” box.  Make sure your company’s name is included in the case title.
  • Enter the “Industry Code” (select from the drop-down menu)
  • Enter the “Purpose Code” (select from the drop-down menu)
  • Select “Ok”
  • The new (reserved) case number will be displayed. 
  • Be sure to write down your case number because the system will not allow you to review it again.
  • Please use this case number when filing your document.

Follow the steps below: 

  • Go to DIS.
  • Select “Subscribe & E-file”.  This will take you to the login page.
  • Select “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter either your “User Name” or “Email Address” and click on “Continue”
  • Reset your password by answering a security question or sending a password reset email. 

Anyone with internet access, an email address and the ability to create a PDF file can e-file a document.

The only documents that cannot be e-filed are:

  • Any document for which protective or confidential treatment is requested under Ohio Adm.Code 4901-1-24.
  • The service of a notice of appeal of a commission order pursuant to R.C. 4903.13 and 4923.99 upon the chairman or a commissioner.

Yes. Confidential e-filing is permitted using the proper protocols described in the following link. Click here for more information. 

Commission rules related to electronic filing can be found in Rule 4901-1-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

A. Before you are able to e-file, you will need to create a PUCO account, create a profile and submit a Participation Agreement. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do so. The Docketing Division will approve your account after all these steps are complete. 

E-filed documents must be complete documents. Appendices or attachments to an e-filed document may not be filed by other methods without prior approval.

You can find that information here. You can also view the e-filing video tutorial here

All PUCO regulated entities must file an annual report for fiscal assessment by April 30,2021, as directed by the Commission in case 21-01-AU-RPT

Learn more about how to file your annual report.


Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to do so. 

Your account must be activated by the Docketing Division before the "E-file a Document" or "Reserve a Case" links become active. 

The Participation Agreement is available here

  • After you have completed the Participation Agreement, email it to Docketing@puco.ohio.gov, fax it (614-466-0313), or send it through the mail. 
  • Once the Docketing Division has received your Participation Agreement, and you have created your PUCO account and profile, your account can be activated.