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Natural gas pipeline safety compliance actions

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The PUCO is committed to ensuring the safe, reliable and environmentally sound operation of Ohio's natural gas pipeline system. PUCO investigators inspect each natural gas pipeline system in the state at least once every two years and review records and procedures implemented by utilities. When violations are detected, the PUCO orders corrective action and may assess fines and other penalties to ensure that Ohio’s natural gas pipeline systems continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably.

Ohio is home to over 100 unique pipeline operators that operate over 56,000 miles of distribution lines, over 10,000 miles of transmission lines, and over 1,100 miles of gatherings lines. The PUCO employs field inspectors who perform compliance inspections of gas pipeline operators to ensure they are following design, construction, operation and maintenance safety regulations.  

Compliance actions

When PUCO inspectors discover apparent violations of state or federal pipeline safety standards, a letter of probable noncompliance is issued, identifying the apparent violations and directs the operator to address the issue to come into compliance. A summary of compliance actions is available on the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's (PHMSA) website.

Occasionally, violations require formal investigations by the Commission. In recent years the PUCO has enforced compliance actions by issuing fines and ordering operational changes.


PUCO fines Dominion East Ohio $500,000 following investigation of Fairport Harbor incident | Case docket

PUCO fines Duke Energy $500,000 following investigation of Lebanon apartment explosion | Case docket


PUCO fines Cobra Pipeline Company $7,500 with another $90,000 held in abeyance | Case docket

PUCO fines Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corporation $5,000 | Case docket


PUCO fines Columbia Gas of Ohio following Upper Arlington home explosion | Case docket


PUCO orders Ohio Rural Natural Gas Co-op to cease operations following repeated safety violations | Case docket


PUCO fines Columbia Gas of Ohio following Avon home fire | Case docket

PUCO orders natural gas utility One Source Energy cease operations by Sept. 6 | Case docket


PUCO fines Dominion Energy Ohio $25,000 | Case docket

PUCO fines Dominion Energy Ohio $1,000,000 | Case docket