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PUCO community user guide - gas pipeline safety annual reports
This guide provides instructions for filing Gas Pipeline Safety (GPS) annual reports and paying the GPS assessment.

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This user guide provides step-by-step instructions for filing Gas Pipeline Safety annual reports and paying GPS assessment. Click the attachment on the right to download the user guide or view the video below for a instructions on how to file GPS annual reports. For more information about filing a GPS annual report or paying GPS assessment, visit Gas pipeline safety annual reports


New GPS users – how to access the PUCO Community  

  1. Log in to OHID.ohio.gov – create an OH|ID account if needed 
  1. Click the PUCO Community tile in the Sites & Applications area 
  1. Complete the request form, if needed 
  1. Enter the company’s PHMSA Operator ID, if prompted to provide the company’s certificate number 

Additional help resources for accessing the PUCO Community, including a user guide for the request form, are available on the PUCO Community information page.  


Existing PUCO Community users and third party agents - If you are already a PUCO Community user and need the ability to file Gas Pipeline Safety annual reports, please contact the PUCO Call Center to have the GPS filer role added to your profile. If you are a third-party agent who already has access to the PUCO Community, please contact the PUCO Call Center to have your account set up properly to enable filing on behalf of GPS operators.


For assistance, please contact the PUCO Call Center at (800) 686-7826, ContactThePUCO@puco.ohio.gov or contact us online.